How to Earn Good Interest on Tether?

    USDT (Tether) is one of the most widely used crypto stablecoins. Importantly, Tether is backed by an equal amount of fiat (US Dollars) held in a designated bank account. By using crypto lending sites, it is possible to make money by earning interest on your Tether tokens. The Tether crypto was launched to fill the gap between crypto and traditional currencies while reducing the risks for investors in the volatile crypto industry.

    You can make money HODLing your Tether and enjoy hassle-free conversion between Bitcoin and other currencies. USDT transactions are faster while coming with low processing fees. Crypto traders around the world are now using Tether to make international transactions. So, why not join the new era of money makers who are profiting from the best USDT yield?

    Here are 3 places to earn good USDT interest rates


    •    YouHodler

    You can get good interest on Tether with your USDT savings account on YouHodler. Your USDT could be fetching you as much as 12.3% APR compound interest. Your investment will start earning you interest in stablecoins as soon as you deposit USDT into your YouHodler interest account. Guaranteed returns are paid out every week.

    YouHodler has a long list of cryptos to choose from for your cryptocurrency savings. These come with low risks and a high interest rate. Knowing that USDT is among the leading stablecoins currently in circulation, YouHodler offers you the most advanced crypto wallet to easily accumulate interest.

    •    Celsius 

    On Celsius, your Tether could earn you up to 11.21% APY. Access vital features, ratings, and calculate your potential annual interest. Whether you are a novice or an advanced crypto trader, you have an opportunity to make money and protect your assets from uncertainties.

    Rather than holding your crypto without any reward, consider multiplying your Tether holdings. Deposit USDT to earn interest far greater than the rates of traditional banking institutions. The signup procedure is very simple: create your crypto interest account using your email address and get verified.

    On Nexo, you could earn up to 12% interest on Tether stablecoins – 10% of your investment portfolio should consist of Nexo tokens. Get paid in Nexo tokens and start accruing interest 24 hours after making your very first deposit. Based on your loyalty tier, your monthly free withdrawals will vary. Provided at least 10% of your portfolio comprises Nexo tokens, you will enjoy three free withdrawals every month. Investors whose Nexo investment portfolios are below 5% are not eligible for free monthly withdrawals.

    How risky is it to earn interest on USDT from crypto lending websites?

    If you open your USDT saving account with a reputable partner, you can decrease your risks of losing your money. It’s better to generate interest on Tether than to let your funds sit idle for years in your wallet. As the name implies, stablecoins are stable in value, which means the risk of price crashes is eliminated.

    The only obvious risk is that crypto lending platforms tend to generate interest from account holders by lending part of their businesses. If too many loan holders default on any of the platforms, it’s likely that the project will not be sustainable.


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