Popular Universities in Virginia of 2021

    University education is a significant investment, with a lot of personal and professional benefits. It is the best way to improve your chances of getting an excellent job in the future and drastically improve your financial situation. This is because a university degree opens up many more career opportunities than a high school education, which will substantially benefit you later in life.

    How Can A University Education Increase Earning Potential?

    The ability to make more money is a massive advantage of completing tertiary education. An investigation from Compare the Market shows that the top five highest-paying jobs in the USA must have a university qualification. In addition, the highest paying jobs all fall within the medical profession, which often requires extensive education and a great deal of on-the-job training.

    Why Do Degrees Improve Career Prospects?

    There are several unique ways in which this type of education can improve your employment outlook, including:

    • Personal Development: A university is a fantastic way to develop into a person you want to become and flourish away from the comfort of your hometown.
    • Networking: Many high-paying careers are formed via networking with like-minded individuals and those already in the profession.
    • Competency: The educational aspect is arguably the most important as it teaches you what you need to know to be proficient in your chosen career.

    What Are The Most Popular Universities In Virginia?

    As you are now aware of the critical role that a college education plays in obtaining high-income employment, you might be wondering what the most popular universities in Virginia are.

    University of Virginia

    Its main campus is located in Charlottesville, which Thomas Jefferson founded. Most upperclassmen live in off-campus apartments or reside in fraternity and sorority houses unless they live on campus during the first year of college.

    • William & Mary

    Virginia’s William and Mary College is the second-oldest college in the nation. It was founded in 1693 by the king and queen of England, William III, and Mary II.

    • Virginia Tech

    Located in Blacksburg, Virginia, this former military technical school encourages students to “invent the future.” It offers undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to conduct research at seven research institutes and two university research centers.

    • George Mason University

    Since 1972, George Mason University has been a public institution. 26,662 undergraduate students are enrolled, and the campus consists of 817 acres in a suburban setting.

    • Virginia Commonwealth University

    VCU is a public university in Richmond, Virginia, established in 1838. The academic calendar uses a semester system. 

    • Hampton University

    A historically black university near Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay. Approximately 80 graduate and undergraduate programs are offered at the university, including physics and health degrees.

    University education is more than the sum of its parts and is a gateway to high-earning employment opportunities. At the very least, a bachelor’s degree will put you in a position to find rewarding work. Generally speaking, the more prestigious and high performing the University is, the better the career prospects.


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